Dallas: North Texan Navy veteran murdered while protecting his family during a home invasion in Michigan

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North Texan Navy veteran was murdered while he was protecting his family-his wife and young daughter during a home invasion in Michigan.
According to reports from the Police officers, 22-year old Christopher Neal was shot to live Sunday at his home near Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Neal is basically from Quinlan, about 45 miles east of Dallas. After completing his high school, he became an active volunteer firefighter and then finally joined the Navy.
He recently moved with his wife to her hometown in Michigan. Both of them were expecting a second child.

35-year old William Paul Jones, the suspected murderer broke into the Neal family’s home and held them hostage. He shot Neal while his wife and daughter hid upstairs.
Jones then shot Neal and injured three responding officers who responded to a 911 call. The police officers are expected to survive but Neal is no more.
Further reports from the officers state that Jones was released from jail just five days back and has an extensive criminal record. In the Tuesday hearing, he asked the court, if he pleads guilty to all things that he did by now, can he be immediately sent to prison for life as everybody wants at this time?
His attorney, however, asked him not to plead guilty. Jones is charged with 19 charges including felony murder.

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