Dallas: Country Singer and North Texas native Kylie Rae Harris drunk, driving 102 mph before deadly crash

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Country singer and North Texas native Kylie Rae Harris was drunk and driving at 102 miles per hour when she met with the deadly crash this fall season.
The officers have done their duty and completed the investigation into the 4th Sept crash in Taos, New Mexico.
According to reports from the Taos County sheriff, the 30-year-old singer had a blood-alcohol concentration of .28 9which is more than 3 times the permissible limit) when she hit another car from behind on Highway 522.

That collision was worse and took Harris’ SUV into oncoming traffic that led to a collision between her SUV and a Jeep. Harris and the teenage driver of the Jeep were killed on the spot.
Further reports from the sheriff’s office stated that Harris was driving 95 miles per hour when she hit 16-year-old Maria Cruz, the daughter of a deputy fire chief. Harris was in a hurry and was going to play at the Big Barn Dance music festival in Taos at the time.
She left her 6-year-old daughter in Wylie.

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