Travelers flying out of North Texas should expect long lines

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Millions of people in North Texas are expected to ride their cars or fly out of the state to enjoy their perfect Christmas holiday season. According to the reports from the sources, the lines at the Love Field Dallas were a bit chaotic around 5 am today when so many people were trying to board their flights. Later today, the situation was under control and the checkpoint line was moving smoothly.
If you are flying out of North Texas, you need to plan according to your time and give some extra time to yourself to reach the airport. Friday morning, some people had to wait for an hour to check their luggage. When asked about the airport situation they said that they were expecting the crowd but not this much.

Debbie Johnston, one of the travelers who was going to San Francisco to see her grandkids said that she had told her husband that this is nothing but Christmas craziness. From the reports, it is stated that about 6.7 million people are expected to fly and this is the highest count in the last 15 years.
Texas Department of Public Safety said that people traveling to Louisiana on I-20 must be prepared for the delays due to major construction going on. The outside lanes in both directions ( near the Texas and Louisiana border) will remain closed for the holidays.

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