Snowy weather found west of Dallas-Fort Worth Friday Morning

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Snowy weather found west of Dallas-Fort Worth this morning left so many waking up to the windy and wintry weather. According to the latest reports from the close sources, some snowfall in Eastland, about 90 miles south-west of Fort Worth was seen. The cold wind of about 21° is flowing here.

Some workers at a gas station stated that they wake up with a slushy snow and sleet falling on the ground. But the condition isn’t so bad. Everyone was able to go for work without any hassle.
The similar kind of weather condition was spotted in the west of Abilene last night. The roads were shut down due to heavy snow leaving drivers perplexed in cities like Blackwell.
Meteorologist Kylie Capps said that Metroplexes are safe but we can expect cold and windy weather to close the week. People residing in North Texas can still expect to see a majority of cold and wind throughout the day.

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