Off-duty officer hit by a white car in Walmart parking lot

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Dallas police officers are looking for two people who are involved in two different crimes but from the same location. One person robbed an employee of Walmart and the other one in the white car hit an off-duty officer in the Walmart parking lot at the store in Wheatland road around 11.30 pm yesterday.

A female WalMart employee requested an off-duty officer that someone had stolen her valuables in the parking lot. Off-duty officer while checking the parking lot was approached by another woman who requested him for help as someone was following her in a white car.
According to Sgt. Mitchell, the white vehicle driver was driving his car erratically. When the off-duty officer approached the car, he intentionally drove toward the officer and hit him. The officer then used his duty weapon at the driver who fled away. The officer was immediately taken to Charlton Methodist Hospital.
Police officers are still looking for the driver of the car and the thief. Hopefully, surveillance video cameras will help officers to find both of them.

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