North Texas father arrested and charged for murdering his 2-month-old son.

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26-year old North Texas father was arrested and charged for killing his 2-month-old son. This incident happened in Sansom Park. The Tarrant County sheriff announced the charges and hence the arrest.
According to reports, Joseph Matthew Welborn, 26-year-old-father has five children and only four of them lived with him and his wife. The investigations done in the subject matter states that he was the only one present with the infant when the 2-year old was injured and died.
Now the children’s play area located at the family’s front door has no voices of children and the three brothers of 2-year old who died are with Child Protective Services.

Further reports state that Joseph Matthew Welborn was arrested for the capital murder of a child under the age of 6.
The medical examiner claimed that 2-month-old Christian Welborn died due to a fractured skull. As per the medical reports, the infant had two complex skull fractures and most probably these fractures were caused by striking his head with any hard object. Despite that, 26-year old father tried to blame his 4-year-old son for dropping the infant. But the medical examiner clears that a 4-year old can’t cause those injuries.
CPS investigator conducted a follow up to a neglectful supervision complaint raised by someone, the day before the infant died. She said that the kids were playing outside and not clothed properly.

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