Nation’s oldest living veteran, Richard Overton died in a rehab facility in Austin

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Richard Overton, Nation’s oldest living veteran died today in a rehab facility in Austin, Texas. He was the oldest living veteran of the nation who died at 112.
According to the family members, Overton was admitted to the hospital last week when he was diagnosed with pneumonia. His funeral on Jan 12 at 11.00am will be organized at Shoreline Church on Burnet Road.

Richard Overton was born in 1906 and served the army during World War II. Most of his life was spent in Austin and he was often seen in his home that he built in East Austin in 1945. Though he gave most of the credit of his long life to god, cigars and whiskey helped him to live longer too.
On Veterans Day, former President Barack Obama honored him in front of thousands of people in Washington. In late 2016, he was on 24/7 medical care. His family didn’t want to send him to the nursing home so they started GoFundMe movement and raised $450,000 to help him stay at his home only.
When he turned 111, the city council named the street on which he lived for years, his name Richard Overton Avenue to honor him.

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