Former Cedar Hill student accused of sexually assaulting a mentally challenged classmate. The Trial begins today!

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The first trial out of the trials begins from today for a former Cedar Hill High School student who is accused of sexually assaulting a mentally challenged classmate.
Sylvanus Lanier aged 20 with two 18-years old Marco Garcia and Elijah Willis are facing charges. Lanier was arrested last year with his two other friends for this incident that assaulted a mentally challenged classmate of the trio.

According to the police, the trio acted as the lookout and the others raped the minor, 16-year-old mentally challenged girl in their campus bathroom. The girl reported the case after four days and all of them, Lanier, Garcia, and Willis were immediately banned from the school.
Police have received a surveillance video from the school that clearly shows Lanier following the girl and entering into the bathroom with her. He was also seen standing outside to look out for his friends. This video is solid evidence in this case.
Garcia and Willis will be facing charges of aggravating assault and their trial is still waiting.

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