Dallas Mavericks and Carter Blood Care join hands for the blood donation drive

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Dallas Mavericks and Carter Blood Care join hands for blood donation drive on Saturday. Hundreds of people came forward to donate blood.
One of the donors, Anna Taylor said that this is for the first time, she is donating blood. Though her father works for a Children's Hospital and has donated it many times. To honor the donors, Dallas Mavericks gave away two free game tickets. Taylor said that his brother loves basketball and he will surely love to get the tickets and watch his favorite game.

She is feeling proud that she can save three lives only by giving her ten minutes. Though it is quite scary to donate blood, the happiness of doing something for good gives her strength.
Linda Goelzer further added that the entire process starting from checking in to donating blood takes an hour and this is one of the reasons to why the drive is so important? Between Christmas and New Year, people are busy celebrating their festival. Giving away something for good is an extraordinary feeling.
Taylor said that her father really knows how blood donation can help people in need. This is her first time and she is happy to take a stand.  

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