Texas: Women used taser to rob another woman's purse in Ross parking lot

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Police officers in Burleson, Texas are looking for two women who tasered a woman to rob her purse.
The robbery incident took place on Wednesday before 10 a.m. in the parking lot of Ross on North Burleson Boulevard. 

According to reports, when the victim was getting out of her vehicle, she was approached by a black female in her all-black attire accompanied by a white female in a light shirt and darker jacket. A woman tasered the victim and took away her purse.
Both of them flew away from the scene in their white SUV parked nearby.
Due to the holiday season, many people are shopping. Officers have requested shoppers to stay alert and give information in context with this case to Burleson Det. Sgt. T. Mabry at 817-426-9883 or tmabry@burlesontx.com.

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