Texas: Second suspect turns himself in the murder of 16-year old Allen High School Football player

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The second suspect in the murder of a 16-year old Allen High School Football Player has turned himself in to face the charges of the murder.
Yesterday night, 18-year old Christian Hill surrendered himself in the shooting death of 16-year old Marquel Ellis, Jr.
On the devil night of Saturday, Marquel was killed during a house party at a rental house in Plano. According to reports from the officer, Hill and 17-year old Kemond Smith were trying to intervene in the party and they were asked to leave. It was then, both of them decided to open fire the house from outside. They fired 18 shots that killed Marquel.

David, an officer from the Plano Police Department said that it seems that these boys were not invited to the party and when they tried to enter, they were knocked out. They got upset, went outside and started firing in anger. Being kicked out of the party doesn’t mean that you would rise to such a level of homicidal violence.
Multiple witnesses have identified the suspects and there is considerable evidence that proves Kemond and Hill guilty. Hill is still behind the bars and no bond has been signed yet.  Smith has also been arrested and charged with the murder of Ellis.

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