Texas: Fort Worth firefighters save people from fire that burnt church building

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Early Wednesday in Fort Worth, Firefighters rescued several people from a burning church building.
The incident took place at 3 a.m. in a vacant building at the South Fort Worth Baptist Church in the 800 blocks of W Fogg St.
According to reports from the Firefighters six homeless people were inside the building and had built up the fire to beat the cold. But all of a sudden, fire spread uncontrollably. Five of them were trapped inside the church and one was able to get out and respond to firefighters where the others were stuck.
Firefighters immediately responded to the call and used their ladder to get inside and save people.

Mike Drivdahl from Fort Worth Fire Department praised heroic efforts of firefighters that saved peoples’ lives using the training that they had received from the officers.
No injuries from this incident have been reported so far.
Though the fire department said the things inside the building were burnt due to the fire, the external structure seems okay.

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