Texas: 3 dead and 3 injured after a crash between two 18-wheeler and multiple vehicles on I-35W in Denton

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Friday afternoon in Denton, 3 people were killed and 3 were injured due to an explosive crash between two 18-wheelers and multiple vehicles.
The explosion due to tank with liquid propane, took place on northbound I-35w in north Denton at around 1 p.m. yesterday. People could see Large plumes of black smoke for miles after the accident.
According to reports from the University of North Texas journalist, Julian Esparza, he was on his way home when he saw smoke. When he went closer, the smoke started to become more intense. He pulled over and recorded the entire incident video on his phone. He said that there is no way people could do anything about it. The flames were massive and no one could survive the explosion. It was quite hard to find which type of vehicle, one truck or multiple cars hit that led to this explosion.

Officers are still working to clear the road and remove the vehicles from the spot. As of now, it is believed that two 18-wheelers and four other vehicles could be a part of this massive accident.
The exact cause of this incident is still not known and the over-speeding can be the major reason behind this incident.

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