Texas: 1,600 North Texas families receive Thanksgiving meals at 'Turkey Drive-thru'

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Friday Night, at the Collin County non-profit, joy was exchanged during Thanksgiving giving and receiving a day.
Active Volunteers offered turkey and other things needed by 1,600 families for a Thanksgiving meal. A lot of efforts and work made things possible at the Storehouse of Collin County.
Each year, Volunteers pledge to make this event more efficient. It is quite difficult to give away meals in a short duration but our Volunteers are very happy to take this opportunity and serve people in need.
On Friday, 1600 families in need gathered in their cars outside St. Andrew United Methodist Church to get a turkey.
Arnold Marsh said that it was just like a State fair where we received a Thanksgiving meal. This was the 7th annual Turkey Drive-thru organized at the Storehouse of Collin County and was just a Vision to behold.
One of Lead volunteers’ coordinator Dave Murashige said that it is quite a challenging task that volunteers are trying to make possible. It is the most rewarding thing that she has ever done and took her years to figure out how things happen here. This event wasn’t a public event and was open to those who received advance vouchers from the Storehouse.

Marsh further added that this type of event is a blessing and will help them feed during holidays and their kids won’t have to go hungry. This impact drove volunteers.
Volunteer Ron Weaver said that receivers pour into you as much as you pour into them.
Though Thanksgiving maybe a week away, there will be many people giving thanks on Friday. One person said that this is my Thanksgiving, my Christmas, my everything.
Organizers stated that they were able to host this event and provide Thanksgiving turkey to 1,600 families with help from the company Sports Value Consulting.

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