Santa Clarita: 2 dead and several hurts after a gunman opens fire at Saugus High School

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2 students were killed and several others were injured after gunfire following an active shooter situation at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita. The 16-year-old shooter who opens fired at students on his birthday has been taken into custody.

According to reports from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, they have not yet identified the suspect but the neighbors who lived next door to the suspect and some people at Saugus High School have identified the 16-year-old Nathaniel "Nate" Berhow.

Yesterday, police officers found him at his home on Sycamore Creek Drive, just a few miles from the high school.
Jared Axen, who lived next door to the Berhow’s family said that the death of his father hit him hard. Axen said that his what shattered Nate was his father was getting better and coming on tracks but all of a sudden, his life changed.
According to the statement of Axen, Berhow was the first person to find the body of the father who died of a heart attack. He had spoken to Berhow many times about his loss.
One of the neighbors, Ryan McKraken, said that he knew Berhow from childhood. He was quite a shy boy.
No one is sure what led to shooting by this gunman in Thursday's deadly shooting. The investigators are still working on this case.

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