Arlington: Several Shots fired during Black Friday shopping after a man saw two suspects

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Black Friday shopping in Arlington wasn’t a usual one. Several shots were fired by a man who saw two suspects breaking into his truck.
The incident took place at 10 a.m., and police officers are still working on this case to find out exactly what happened!
According to the reports from the officers, the victim and his friend were walking out of a store in the 600 blocks of W. Arbrook Blvd. It was then they saw two male suspects breaking into his pickup truck.

Police officers stated that the man told them that one of the suspects took out his weapon and the victim thought it was a handgun.
The victim also had his legally-owned handgun and he started firing several shots towards the vehicle of the likely suspects.
No reports of suspect possessing a real or fake gun have been found yet. The suspect flew away with a Toolbox from the victim’s pick-up truck and are still not caught.
Arlington police officers have issued a warning to remind everyone to lock their car doors and hide valuable things they are driving their vehicles.

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