Some Churches providing shelter to homeless during chilly weather

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Local homeless shelters in Dallas are full during the chilly weather of this week. Some churches have come forward to provide temporary shelter seeing the forecast of freezing cold nights.
Local homeless shelters are overflowing due to which some churches including Oak Lawn United Methodist have opened their doors to accept more people. This kind of shelter is more than a relief because when the temperature is below freezing, the situation of living and death becomes quite difficult to handle.
Monday night, every homeless shelter was overflowing, the dining hall at The Bridge in Downtown slept dozens. Conference rooms, closets will be filled too. Almost 400 people slept at The Bridge, Monday night. According to the President and the CEO, the third helping hand may come from the veterans on Veterans Day.

According to David Woody III, The Bridge President, more than 800 people had no shelter during the coldest weather, the last year.
People living in camps are encouraged to take shelter for their safety. Local churches, like Oak Lawn United Methodist, have started offering emergency shelter to help people in need. Nick Marino Jr. helped people in Dallas pack 600 bags of blankets, socks, and toiletries for the homeless people at a Tango
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church will be open from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. for any donations of winter weather clothing. Socks can serve as a gold in this chilly weather.

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