Majority of Voters support Arlington term limits

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Arlington City Council is in news once again for term limits. Almost 60% of the voters have come together to support the mayor and council members limited to three two-year terms.

This issue was raised by the citizens and put on the ballot when all mayor and city council members promised to campaign against it. According to the new term limit asked by the voters, five council members will have to lose their seats in the next one-and-half year.
Adding term-limit will help voters get their city government back to citizens. Majority of voters, approx. 11,000 signatures were taken on a petition in order to add strength to the issue.
The mayor and other city council members tried to put their plan. They said the petition raised by the voters hardly represents what the city want!
Opponents said Arlington City needs continuity to bring major changes in Arlington which includes new Rangers stadium and the Texas Live entertainment venue.

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