Freeze warning for major parts of North Texas late Friday to Saturday morning

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Majority of parts of North Texas have been given warning of freeze late Friday through Saturday morning.
The warning included Dallas and Tarrant County and the majority of North Texas. It is believed that if the thermometer drops to 32° or lower than that, then it would be the first freeze after Feb. 12. Not only this, it would be the earliest freeze of this season since 1993.

The Red River counties and areas lying west of Fort Worth are likely to freeze overnight.
The folks at Joy and Ralph Ellis Stadium in Irving tried their own methods of warming up, Friday night. Shanti Adu-Gamfi said this is football weather and if I have hot cocoa or some coffee, I will be OK.  This weekend, Football and so many events drew the attention of the people.
"Unite for Troops" organization is all set to prepare for the Veteran's Day Celebration in front of Porter's Army & Navy Store. This organization collects multiple supplies and letters in order to send them to deployed troops spread across the globe.
Saturday will be the dry day but chilly weather expected to go to the upper 40s and low 50s. Saturday overnight into Sunday might go the 40s.
The Unite for Troops event is expected to begin at 10 am on Saturday and end by 4 p.m.

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