15-year-old serial sexual assault suspect may be linked to the murder

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15-year-old who was a suspect in serial sexual assaults cases in Dallas and Louisiana may be linked to a murder as well. According to police, the 15-year old is at Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center in Dallas and has been charged with series of sexual assault cases linked to three attacks that left the city shocked.
Two sexual assaults in September at an apartment in north Dallas and the other one in October at an apartment in northeast Dallas.

Dallas police said that a woman was also killed in her apartment in north Dallas and it seems that the young suspect was linked to this case as well.
The police officials are investigating into this matter and have requested the public to give any information available on the subject matter.  Police further added that the boy is already linked to the sexual assaults as per DNA reports. It seems that he might be linked to two sexual assaults cases happened in Bosier City, La. near Shreveport.
His name was not mentioned because he is still a juvenile and police officers are looking into this case seriously.

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