Arlington: One Student killed and another injured in shooting near Bowie High School in an Arlington neighborhood

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Yesterday, One student was killed and another injured in a shooting accident that happened at Bowie High School in an Arlington neighborhood. An innocent man was also shot while he was simply sitting inside his home.
The incident took place when school was letting out for the day at the nearby high school. According to reports from Arlington Police Lt. Christopher Cook, two teenagers were dropping off their friend at a house on Cliffside Drive when some people in an SUV and a car pulled them up behind and several teenaged boys got out.
There were some verbal arguments between the teens who got out and two teens who were shot.  It was during their conversation, the argument heated up and they were involved in a fight. Three or four of them were fighting on the street.

Reports from a neighbor stated that they heard some gunshots when the boys were fighting. It sounded something like a machine gun. Both the vehicles ran away leaving behind the two who were injured. Out of the two, one was able to stand on his feet but the other one was lying on the ground with his eyes open.
The boy who was killed in this fight was 17-year-old Anthony Strather. He was quite an active defensive player of the Bowie High School’s football team.
The injured teen was rushed to the Medical City Arlington where officers asked him about the incident. A man who was hit while sitting inside his house is expected to be doing well.
Police are investigating the case and interviewing possible witnesses to grab the shooters.

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