Dallas Love Field all set to win back drivers with new parking garage, lower prices

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Thanksgiving, Christmas and other travel holidays are quite difficult to manage at the two parking garages at Love Field. Most of the travelers used to discourage driving themselves to the airport during these days.
Now the officials at the city-owned airport are trying to attract drivers by lowering the parking charges and opening the long-awaited 5,000-space garage from Nov. 1.

According to the Dallas' Director of Aviation Mark Duebner, the parking space will be sufficient now so the drivers need to be encouraged to use the space at a competitive price. The garage parking had become too expensive so this would be an economic decision.
The daily parking rates will be lowered by $2 to $6 to offer competitive rates to the drivers. Duebner said that if the things go well as per the plans, the lowered prices will encourage drivers to use the parking space at Love Field.
The new garage will increase the occupancy to 12,000 and help staff to deal with the traffic in a better way. Since the Wright Amendment restrictions in 2014, the number of passengers at the airport has almost doubled and the number continues to increase.
Around 9 and 11 at night, the parking is just a chaos. The airport has upgraded parking technology and even included new electronic signals to display the number of available spaces.
The airport is planning to bring pre-paid parking option as well where the drivers can get discounts based on factors like occupancy of garages at that time, or how frequently someone travels.
The changes have been approved by the city council committee and will be voted on by the full council Wednesday.

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