Raveena Tandon's adopted daughter Chhaya makes her grandmother. The actress brings her newborn grandchild home.

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Raveena Tandon has become a grandmother of her adopted child Chhaya at the age of 44. Chhaya was expecting her first child with her hubby Shawn Mendes and the actress welcomed their little munchkin recently.

Raveena took to her Instagram and shared this news with the pictures of the baby’s homecoming ceremony.
The actress of Mohra fame organized a special puja for the baby. She shared the picture and wrote, “Thanking the pantheon almighty. The baby comes home"
In one of the pics, we could see Chhaya holding her newborn in her arms. Raveena was only 21 when she adopted two girls, Chhaya at age 11 and Pooja at age 8. Now the actress has turned 44 and become a grandmother to Chhaya's newborn.

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