HOUSTON: Gov. Greg Abbott prepares for heavy rain and flooding in coastal areas

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is all set to gather resources as a storm approaches the Gulf of Mexico.
According to weather reports, over the next few days, one tropical disturbance could impact several inches of rain on the Houston area. The State Operations Center has been shifted at Level 3 that means readiness has been increased.  Some resources including special search and rescue boat crews have been put on standby mode so that they can be used in the case of any emergency.

 This threat has increased tensions of some of resident in the Meyerland Community in southwest Houston on edge.
Kristin Massey states that her home has been flooded three times in the last couple of years. It is quite disheartening. Every time, it rains, people have to start worrying about their homes. If rain is more than 3 inches, the streets start over flooding and in the worst case, homes start flooding too.
Last time, Massey struggled to protect her home from Hurricane Harvey using 16,000 lbs of sandbags and a water barrier that cost around $8,500 to her but that preparation wasn’t enough for the devastating storm.  Though her resources and arrangements helped her, she couldn’t protect her home after 12 inches. Her sentiments were shaking.
Gov. Abbott has requested everyone in coastal areas to take all warnings from local officials very seriously.

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