Dallas: Dallas County judge denied Wesley Mathew's request for a new trial

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Dallas County judge denied father Wesley Mathews' request for a new trial concerning the death of his adopted daughter, Sherin Mathew.
Mathews has been serving a life sentence with the likely possibility of parole. He was charged in June with aggravated injury to his adopted child.

This Richardson father has been accused of killing his 3-year-old adopted daughter, Sherin. The charges were imposed on Wesley Mathew in 2017 but still, he claims that his daughter died after choking on milk.
According to reports from sources, Mathews has accepted that he had put his daughter’s dead body in a culvert near their home.
His defense attorney had filed a request for a new trial mentioning that he did not get a fair trial when the photos of his daughter's remains were shown in presence of jury members. Further claim from the prosecutors stated that the jury allowed them to use 35 specific photos in his punishment phase, but the defense attorney argued claiming that the autopsy reports went too far.

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