Texas: Vigils held in North Texas to remember victims of El Paso and Ohio mass shooting incident

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A vigil held to honor lives that were ended in an instant. North Texans have come forward to remember the innocent victims of two mass shooting that shocked the state over the weekend.

Some people gathered for a vigil in downtown McKinney on Monday evening. According to the mayor of the city, George Fuller, both El Paso and Dayton, Ohio occurred close to home. So many lives ended in an instant. So many families ripped apart. Some lost their children and some lost their parents. Some lost their siblings and some other family members.
Group of people gathered at Mitchell Memorial Park took a moment of silence and remembered innocent victims who lost their lives. Bell rang 31 times to honor each person who died in El Paso and Dayton mass shooting incident.
In the meantime, El Paso Police officers are investigating and trying to find out the reason behind the mass shooting inside Walmart that killed 22 and injured 27.
According to reports from the officers, Patrick Crucius, 21-year old bought legal rifle near his hometown of Allen. He told officers that he left home late Friday night or early Saturday morning for El Paso and got lost on the way. Then he started feeling hungry and entered Walmart. For now, he has been charged with capital murder but the Justice Department will impose federal hate crime charges. He is in custody without bond.

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