Texas: Lawyers for the family of El Paso suspect who is 21-year old claim his mother contacted officers weeks before the mass shooting

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21-year-old El Paso "domestic terrorism" suspect Patrick Crusius’s family lawyer claims that Patrick’s mother contacted Allen police Department a few weeks before the mass shooting incident happened in order to inform them about her son carrying a gun.
According to the lawyer, Crusius' mother had contacted the Allen Police Department but she didn’t mention the date of the mass shooting. She was more concerned about her son carrying an AK-type of weapon because of her son’s age, experience, and maturity level wasn’t good enough to possess a gun.

When she called the Allen Police Department, her call was transferred to a public safety officer and he informed her that it is legal for a 21-year-old to purchase a gun. However, it is still not known whether the suspect used the same gun during mass shooting or not.
Reports from Attorneys stated that his mother raised questions that were very informed in nature, and does not show any expression of fear.
She did not mention her name and the police officer didn’t ask for it.
Crusius graduated from a Plano Senior High School in 2017 and he lived with his grandparents in Allen.

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