Texas: Allen Police Department confirms call from El Paso mass shooting suspect's mother before the incident

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Allen Police Department has now confirmed that the mother of El Paso "domestic terrorism" suspects 21-year old Patrick Crusius had contacted officers about her son carrying a gun a few weeks before the mass shooting incident shocked the state.

Initially, officers claimed that no record of the phone call has been found but later Thursday evening, Allen PD confirmed that they found that a security camera footage that recorded crucial part of the call and in fact, explained why officers didn’t take any action
According to reports from the officers, the phone call was made before noon on June 27. Officers cleared that his mother called officers informally and there was no serious worry in her call. She had called to inform officers that her son has purchased a high-powered rifle online and was only concerned about his “lack of experience” and immature behaviors.
Crusius has been taken into custody and is currently sitting in jail. The suspect has been accused of shooting 22 people at a Walmart in El Paso on Saturday.
The lawyer of the suspect’s family informed that the suspect’s mother had called officers because she was concerned about her son. The lawyer then stated that officers responded to the mother’s call and told her that it is legal for a 21-year old to carry a gun.
Allen Police officers stated that the call was "informational in nature and there was no expression of fear in her call.

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