Dallas: Young woman found dead inside a burning SUV on Lower Greenville had gunshot wound to the head

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A young woman in her 20’s was found dead inside a burning SUV on Lower Greenville. According to reports from sources, the woman had a gunshot wound to the head.
Further reports from the officers state that Sara Hudson, 22, was celebrating her birthday on Monday when she was forced by a 49-year old Glen Richter into her vehicle parked in the parking lot at Alta Avenue and Summit Avenue. From the evidence, it seems that it was a random attack that involved shooting and fire at the victim. The medical examiner stated that the smoke inhalation was the major factor responsible for her death but she had a gunshot wound on her head as well.

Her close friends were expected to meet her at her shared location but when her friends tried to call her, they heard firefighters and officers surrounding her Tahoe.
Family members stated that Sara was a young woman possessing immense talent and capability. The family members thanked officers for working on her case so seriously and arresting Richter.
Richter was charged with a capital murder punishment and has been booked into the Dallas County Jail on Thursday.

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