Dallas: Uber considering Dallas as a site for their new headquarters

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Uber is one of the well-known ride-sharing giant considering Dallas as its site for a new Headquarter. This would ensure joyride in the city and the country.
This facility would be one of the largest Uber’s facilities outside San Francisco headquarters that will bring jobs for about 3,000 employees.

One of the possible sites under consideration is in Deep Ellum that could probably become the corporate site of Uber in Dallas.
The Ride-share giant is pretty close to taking its big decision for the second headquarters.
According to reports from sources, Uber is zeroing in on Dallas.
As per Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, Uber's employees will strengthen the economic condition of Downtown Dallas. Their employees will buy homes, eat here, go to the dry cleaners, and watch movies here.
Just about a year ago, Uber confirmed that they will launch 'Air Uber,' in Dallas including fleets of small electric aircraft that will allow riders to share a ride in the air.
Uber has officially not confirmed any details yet.

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