Dallas 9-year-old girl killed by gang members at her apartment

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Gang Members shoot a 9-year-old girl at her apartment in Old East Dallas.
According to reports from the Dallas Police officers, the shooting incident happened around 5:30 p.m. yesterday at the Roseland Townhomes on Munger Avenue.

Further reports from the witnesses clear that they could hear five gunshots and one of that hit and kill 9-year-old Brandoniya Bennett when she was inside her apartment.
Dallas Police Sgt. Warren Mitchell cleared that her family and the little girl were not the targets of the gang members. At least two gang members appeared to shot someone but went to a wrong apartment killing 9-year old. After a little girl was shot by the gunshots, she was rushed to the hospital but could not survive. Losing someone at this age of 9 is a feeling that no one can understand. Officers said that such type of incidents is difficult to process. You start thinking of losing your own children. This scene is something that no one would like to see but it is their job and things must go on, added officer.
No information or description of the gang members have been unveiled by the officers so far.

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