Arjun Rampal and Farhan Akhtar come forward to support a US-based woman who was raped in 2013 during her visit to India

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Bollywood celebs Arjun Rampal and Farhan Akhtar come forward to support a US-based woman, who was raped in our country in 2013. The woman called to judge the "corrupt judge" for allowing her rapist to come out on bail. She shared a video that was shot outside the Indian Consulate in San Francisco mentioned how the man entered her apartment when she was in India and attacked her. She fought hard and made sure the rapist was behind bars, but he has been out on bail.

She has now asked for her help from her friends to reject his bail and put him behind the bars again. She isn’t getting any support from the Consulate General of India in San Francisco and the Indian authorities aren’t co-operating at all.
Arjun Rampal took to his Tweeter handle and supported this US woman requesting stricter laws. He captioned his post "What is wrong is wrong. It’s our duty as citizens of a country we love and respect, to stand up for what is right. Not only does this tarnish India it speaks poorly on how we protect women our own, and those who visit. #NoBailToRapists."
Farhan Akhtar also replied to Arjun’s post and commented “An urgent and important appeal. #NoBailToRapists."
Rajiv Panwar, the nephew of former Delhi mayor Jayshree Panwar, was charged with sexually assaulting a US-based woman in 2013. The woman filed her complaint on June 24, the same year and Panwar was arrested this year.
According to her complaint, the US-based woman was staying in a rented flat of flat owner Panwar. She was staying with her husband. One dark night, after enjoying the party with them, Rajeev broke into her flat and raped her with his fingers while she was sleeping. He was found guilty of this allegation in February 2019 and was given seven years' of imprisonment.
The video posted on Facebook on July 30 went viral with so many Bollywood celebs and people asking for help.

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