Texas: Girl who licked Blue Bell ice cream is a juvenile and won't be charged as an adult

According to Texas Police officers, the girl licking Blue Bell Ice-cream in the viral video has been identified as a juvenile and will not be charged as an adult.
A video went viral on the social media wherein a girl was licking an already opened tub of Blue Bell's Tin Roof flavor ice cream, and then sealing again and returning to the store's freezer. All tubs of that flavor were pulled and kept again.

Lufkin police titled her "Blue Bell licker" and before this news becomes a comedic moniker, officers investigated into the matter and the girl will be given punishment. This is not a laughing matter. Earlier this week, officers identified her and checked CCTV footage of a female leaving the store. If she was an adult, she could face up to 20 years in prison.
Officers talked to the suspect and her boyfriend. She said that she is from San Antonio and linked to this area through her boyfriend's family. Officers are still looking into this matter and discussing if he'll be charged.
Her name has not been released but the case has been submitted to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

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