North Texas: Uber driver robbed and beaten up by four passengers

Jordan Smith, North Texas Uber driver was badly beaten up to such an extent that his jaw had to be wired shut after passengers beat and robbed him.
According to the Uber driver, he was dropping off four passengers in the Knox-Henderson area of Dallas when some argument turned aggressive.

The driver has suffered injuries and his jaw has cracked at multiple places and he had to go through two surgeries to get his mouth wired shut from the injuries. He hopes that Dallas Police officers find the attackers and give them severe punishment for this accident.
Jordan Smith can't feel anything in part of his face, and according to him, doctors have told him that it would take at least two years until he's fully recovered. This is all because of the injuries he got on July 5 when he was driving Uber.
Further reports from Smith state that he usually doesn't drive late, but he needed some extra money. The incident happened at 2 a.m. on July 5 when he picked up four men from Deep Ellum and was dropping them off at an apartment off North Garrett Avenue in Knox-Henderson. It was then he found one passenger taking things from his car. Smith recorded things on his cell phone but one of the men grabbed his phone and threw it as hard as he could. Smith went to his phone and came back to his van but he found that his car keys were missing.
When he went to the group to confront, one of them started attacking him. The second one knocked him all the way to the ground. He was hit again and then came a point where he was screaming.
After everything, the men finally walked away and some Uber driver who had come to pick up passengers from the same area called 911. He tried to explain to him what happened but he was having so much pain that he could hardly talk.
Dallas police officers are investigating the matter and will get in touch with Uber to get more information about the passengers.

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