Dallas: Wesley Mathews pleaded guilty and appeal for a life sentence for daughter's death

Wesley Mathews, a Richardson man pleaded guilty to inuring and killing his 3-year old adopted daughter Sherlin Mathew and appealed for his life sentence.
He files a grant for new trails claiming he did not get a fair punishment when jurors saw the pictures containing the remains of his daughter.

According to the grant files by father Wesley Mathew, the defendant should be granted this new trial because the photographs of the remains of the dead body containing pics of his daughter in autopsy suite were so prejudicial that defendant wants a chance for a fair trial. Judges saw the emotions of the defendant when the pictures were shown.
Mathews still says that Sherin died of choking of milk in 2017. He later accepted that he dumped his dead body in a culvert near their home and then contacted officers to file a missing report of their daughter.
Richardson police officers investigated the matter and searched for the missing girl for several days before they found her dead body. The body so badly decomposed by then that the medical examiner could not find out the exact cause of her death.

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