Rapper Raftaar would get dejected in love quite easily in his teenage

Rapper Raftaar is a romantic person. He talked about his younger self and said, "I was quite romantic in my teenage years, and I would get dejected in love quite easily because I was more heart than the head."
He further added, "Today when I reflect, I feel as teenagers we all believe in fairy-tale romances and happily ever after endings, but when the going gets tough, our perspective changes and makes things that matter count."

 He talked about his relationships and said, "It is anonymous for a lot of people as I'm a private person and don't like to flaunt my relationship on social media. Yes, I am happily committed to the love of my life."
Recently, Raftaar collaborated with much-loved singer Akasa for 'Naiyyo.' 
While giving an interview, he said, "Akasa already had a vision for the song. She was desirous of voicing her emotions through the song, and we further developed it in a way where it's meaningful yet entertaining. We wanted to reflect how the balance of emotions is integral in most relationships and keep the track fresh and vigorous,"

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