Neha Kakkar's ‘Jinke Liye’ from Jaani’s album ‘Jaani Ve Jaani’ is out!

The second song ‘Jinke Liye’ from Jaani’s much-loved album ‘Jaani Ve Jaani’ is finally out! The poster and the title of the new song make us assume that this will be an emotional melody, and it indeed is. It is a tale of betrayal; betrayal of trust; betrayal in love, which will surely melt your heart. 

This will be for the first time Neha Kakkar and Jaani will feature together in a music video. Both of these artists are known for their amazing musical collaborations, but Jaani never made an appearance in any of the songs. However, his record has been broken, and the chemistry and the intensity shown by Jaani and Neha Kakkar is worth praising. 
This emotional song, sung by Neha Kakkar, written and composed by Jaani, is going be a hit one. B Praak gave the music, and Arvind Khaira worked on the video.

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