Monsoons & nature have always inspired my Music, says Arian Romal

Arian Romal recently released 'Again' with the much-talented Tia Bajpai is one of the topics of talks of the town. Arian's music is an inspiration from the monsoon, and nature profoundly inspires the singer. He was last seen in Ganesh Acharya's 'Angels Ki Kahaani', and it seems that he is here to stay!
Arian and Tia worked together during the lockdown and created a lot of musical ventures. It seems like both of them are using quarantine time as a time to use their creativity.

Arian talked about his music and said that the current season is his favorite and inspires him to create quality music. He said, "I have traveled far and wide, and rains are my favorite. The monsoon is a lot like life. It brings happiness and can cause havoc as well. It's also like lord Shiva's philosophy of destruction before creation. The ground smells fantastic. There is greenery everywhere, and the weather is pleasant with minimal pollution. It comes and washes away all the sadness from my life and pushes me to pursue my true passion: music with renewed energy. The serene feel of nature due to the monsoon is pure bliss!"
 Everyone love monsoons, there is no arguing that. The season inspires many and is of great significance.

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