Texas: Mansfield suburban police officer shoot man with gun in IHOP restaurant

Today Early morning, a Mansfield suburban police officer shot a man who was waving a gun around in an IHOP restaurant.
The incident took place at around 2:30 a.m. on the IHOP restaurant located on Highway 287. According to the Mansfield Police officers, the man pulled out his gun at the restaurant and started waving it around.

Though no information has been given so far if the man was a customer or he was just waving his gun to harm other customers. But it is clear that he was waving his gun around and wasn’t sitting down at any point in time. Most of the customers ran out the back door of the kitchen and some called emergency number 911.
When Mansfield Police officers reached the restaurant, the man with a gun also came out of the same door and pointed his weapon at the officers.  This was the time the officer shot him with his gun.
He was rushed to the hospital for surgery.  No words for his condition have been revealed by the doctors so far. Officers are investigating the matter and expected to reach a solid conclusion soon.

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