Texas: 3 die in a deadly car crash on Interstate 20 in Arlington

Jose Castro, the suspected drunken driver slammed into the back of two cars causing a fiery overnight crash yesterday on East Bound Interstate 20 center street. The incident killed three people on the spot.

The incident happened around 11 p.m when one of the disabled cars stopped on the sides of the I-20. Another car parked behind it to help the driver in need. According to Lt. Chris Cook, three victims were trying to help get off the disabled vehicle from the interstate. It was then Jose Castro, the suspected drunken driver, slammed into the back of them. All three cars immediately caught fire.
There were three people who were killed in this accident despite so many people tried to help them but they could do only a few because the fire was so deadly.
According to a video taken by another driver, one man opened a car door but stepping back due to heavy smoke and fire. Another man tried to go closer but was forced to stay back due to fire.
Further reports state that one person died in the disabled car and two were outside the car when the car crash happened but still they were killed too.
The drunken driver wasn’t hurt. The Police officers have arrested him and charged with intoxication manslaughter.

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