Fort Worth: Paramedics warning people for heat-related illness warnings

Paramedics in Fort Worth are warning people for another hot day with the heat index of over 100 degrees.
According to the reports from the MedStar crews, they responded to so many calls from the Tarrant County this week, most of them related to heat-related illness only. This included a call about a child who was left in a hot car.
Yesterday, paramedics looked after 21 patients for the same reason. Out of the total,15 were rushed to the hospital with two are in critical condition. This count increased from Wednesday’s count when paramedics got a call about a child who was left in a hot car.

The child in Tarrant County was attended by the crew and found safe without any need of hospitalized. But another child un Aubrey wasn’t lucky enough and was unresponsive when airlifted to the hospital.
Today again,  dangerously hot day with an expected heat index between 105 and 110 degrees especially for North Texans will make it the third successive day in a row with a heat index in the triple digits.
Officials have requested everyone to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Those we need to go out must wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes and a hat.
Everyone should look after loved ones especially children and the elders.

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