Dallas: Power outage not resolved across North Texas for the third day

Sunday’s severe storm impacted thousands of people across North Texas. The Power outage problem still exists for the third successive days.
According to reports from Oncor, as of 7 a.m. today, more than 110,000 customers were still without power and most of them were located in Dallas County. Crew members continue to work dedicatedly for the day to resolve the problem. Oncor believes that the majority of people will be able to get power by the end of tomorrow but some may not until Thursday.

Oncor called for extra help and appointed more than 2,500 workers to restore power on Tuesday. Thesea additional workers from other states including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and South Carolina will help Oncor improve the situation to some extent.
Some people with no power are staying with friends or family or hotel. Others are finding it hard to get the proper accommodation.
Dallas Independent School District canceled some summer events for the second day due to a power outage. Richardson Independent School District had to cancel all summer school programs today but staff resumed to work.

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