R.Balki shares his experience on making a 'coming of age' film as 'Cheeni Kum' completes 13 years

R.Balki is known for his unique sense of bringing modernity within Hindi film Industry. He is one of the loved filmmakers. His first film Cheeni Kum completes 13 years today starring Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu.

The filmmaker marked his debut in the industry with this film. R. Balki touched an unconventional subject and effortlessly brought delight to watch on screen. The director believes that he is more active on bringing off-beat subjects to screen.

‘Cheeni Kum’ is a story of a mature and quirky love. The filmmakers said, "It was one of the very few love stories without the words 'I love you'. It was also a fun film and many senior citizens came up to me and told me that it gave them hope", revealed the filmmaker.

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