North Texans come out of the house for Memorial Day weekend

Saturday was a perfect day to come out of the house with family. Most North Texans were out for Memorial Day weekend. But do you really think, many of those who were out were keeping coronavirus guidelines in mind while enjoying their weekend?
There were lines of cars to get into parks, and some people mentioned that they were getting bored at home.
Some people were out but concerned about COVID-19. Some spent their afternoon at the lake, swimming, boating, and cooking on the grill.
Many maintained social distancing and stayed away from the people.  Cars were spread apart.

Many were not wearing masks but confirmed that they do wear mask inside and think it’s important. Fernando Lozano said “I wear it all the time, at work, stores, just today I am not wearing it because we are so apart from everybody,”
Vrtere Chandler said “Because a lot of people don’t realize when you are speaking and stuff, it can spread around in the air and you don’t know how long it can be in the air,”
Michael Haggerty said “We are concerned about the coronavirus and everything, we are doing our social distancing and this is more than 6 or 12 feet,”

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