Kirti Kulhari shares her basic meal and urges fans to keep it simple

Kirti Kulhari is one of the promising actresses of the tinsel town who has to begin promoting the idea of simple eating and said it is better for the system and for the world.

Kirti took to her Instagram handle and shared a photograph of her basic meal containing chappatis, lentils, vegetables, and curd.
She shared an image and wrote, "The simpler the better...For your system and the World. I could have posted it as a story and people could have reacted and that's it.. but I have put it here to talk about this idea of #keepitsimple ... It's something I have been striving to achieve for a while... And I am surely getting better at it... It's an attitude which is not limited to one area, situation, or person..."

"And like everything else, it comes with practice and time... If u think about it, it should be the easiest to #keepitsimple but unfortunately it's not, for most of us... And who is to blame We... We have complicated everything and we love complicating everything as if there's actually a prize for 'who's can make it the most complicated'.."

She urged everyone to "keep it simple" and said,  "This lockdown, among other things has strengthened my faith in #keepitsimple ... And given me enough time and opportunity to truly practice it.. from the meals I eat to the way I talk to what I do with my skin... There's a conscious attempt to #keepitsimple ..."

"Start with the simpler things and you will see how it grounds you in life and helps you see the SIMPLICITY of the so-called complicated situations and people and relationships... There's so much PEACE to be experienced when you learn to #keepitsimple ... Much Love... Stay blessed all of you."
Meanwhile,on the work front, Kirti was last seen in Akshay Kumar starrer Mission Mangal directed by Jagan Shakti.

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