Juhi Chawla sends an open invitation to the landless farmers to farm at her Wada farmhouse during COVID-19 lockdown

Legendary actress Juhi Chawla has come forward to support farmers during the coronavirus lockdown.
The actress has her family farmland on the outskirts of Mumbai where a skilled team of experts grow plants practicing organic farming. Juhi has invited all landless farmers to come to her farm and grow rice this season.
In her invitation, she said, "Since we're in COVID-19 lockdown, I've decided to give our land to landless farmers to farm on. We're letting them farm rice this season and in return take a small portion of the produce for themselves,"


She further added, "It's not a new practice. It's just going back to the past to the way farming was done decades ago, but then isn't that the wiser way? Our farmers know the land, soil, wind, and air far better than we city people ever will from our textbook knowledge,"

Juhi has instructed her team to keep a close watch on the "quality of rice they sow because they should not use any chemical.
She is happy with her special arrangement.
Juhi said, "This is a win-win situation for everyone, for our farmers and for us. We work smarter this way and not harder. This lockdown has put good sense into my head,"

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