Dallas: Woman shot and killed in her driveway near Preston Road

Tuesday Morning, Homicide detectives investigated in a case of the Preston Hollow neighborhood where a mother was shot and killed in her driveway.
On Monday, around 5 p.m, Leslie Baker was in her driveway on Royalton Drive near Preston Road and Royal Lane when neighbors heard fire shots and called 911.
Officers found 59-year-old Baker unconscious in her car when they arrived at the scene. They could not do much to help her. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Tuesday morning, investigators checked the crime scene to find any clue.
Dee Birdwell, a neighbor said, “It’s unnerving I guess is the word I’m looking for,”
Bud Buschardt, another neighbor said, “It’s a quiet neighborhood. A lot of the neighbors know each other. It’s just a shock, just tragic you know,”
Officers have announced a $5,000 reward for the person helping in the search of Baker’s killer. Tipsters can call at 214-373-TIPS.
She was a wife and mother of two adult children.

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