Dallas: Terrell police searching for pit bull that attacked 8 children

Terrell Police officers are searching for a brown and white colored pit bull dog that attacked 8 school children who were waiting for their bus at the bus stop nearly two weeks ago.

According to police officers in the city located near east Dallas in Kaufman County, they’ve investigated all other leads in the subject matter but unable to find the dog or its owner with reference to the incident that happened on Friday, May 10 at 7:45 a.m.
The brown and white colored pit bull attacked 8 children when they were waiting for their bus. Several school children were hospitalized, but everyone is recovering from his or her injuries now.
Officers are more concerned about this case because they believe that pit bull possibly have rabies and therefore, they are trying to find the dog or its owner. One of the officers said that it is very important to find that dog and send it to Animal Control Officers to check for rabies.
Terrell police officers are requesting the general public to give information on the subject matter by calling (469) 474-2700.

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