Dallas: Fort Worth PD gets a new high-tech crime-fighting tool for SWAT standoffs

Fort Worth Police Department has come up with an all-new high tech crime-fighting tool which is one of its kind in the entire state. Basically, the new tool is an armored machine specifically designed for SWAT officers to move them into required places, keeping them safe as well.
The new tool called ‘The Rook’ is one of the latest tools for SWAT officers. A demonstration showed who officers can use this tool in the case of any mis-happening. 

According to Fort Worth Police Lt. Todd Plowman, this tool will keep officers safe in dangerous situations where gunshots are involved.
Officers have been receiving the training to use this tool for a month now. This is the first armored machine in Texas with his hydraulic rams and multiple crime-fighting. It is one of the tools used in only  35 across the country.
Plowman further added that officers can move closer to the structure, breach a door, break a glass or open up the side of a house or building using this machine.
SWAT officers are brave officers who often get stuck in dangerous situations. This tool will help them resolve problems faster with added protection.

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