Arlington Police Department decided to dismiss officer for fatally shooting O'Shae Terry

Arlington Police Department decided to dismiss officer who fatally shot O’Shae Terry during a traffic stop. Earlier this month, Bau Tran was charged for the fatal shooting and death of Terry. He has been charged with negligent homicide.

After completing an administrative investigation on the shooting that happened last year on September 1, 2018, Tran was dismissed by the jury. Bau Tran was charged for violating city and department’s administrative policies. Tran has the legal right to put his part.
According to reports, Tran’s body camera video was seen last week that showed how an officer questioned Terry and another person was sitting inside an SUV.  The officer told Terry that he could smell marijuana and he will search his SUV.
Arlington Police Department confirmed that Tran pulled the trigger when Terry tried to drive away from the traffic stop. A handgun and drugs were found inside the SUV after the car was searched by the officers. Tran was serving as a backup officer during that time.

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